Winners of our Travel Photography Contest

Congratulations to the winners of The City Traveler’s first annual travel photography contest! It wasn’t easing choosing from the many wonderful submissions we received, but we sent the work of eight finalists to Bob Krist, the award-winning travel photographer we interviewed last month. Bob was on a photography assignment in Asia — a month-long, “whirlwind tour” — but managed to find time and internet access to select our winners.

We ended up with an intriguing combination of portraiture, cityscapes and slice-of-life shots from cities around the world, as seen through the eyes (and lenses) of some very talented shooters.  Here they are:

Tourists make their way into the main lobby of the Louvre Museum in Paris. (Photo Laura Bustillos ©2009)

First Prize goes to  Laura Bustillos, a student of visual journalism at Brooks Institute in California, for her shot of the Louvre in Paris, which Bob Krist called “a great moment, original composition, and great job of seeing and execution.”

New York City at night (photo Yuanchen Liu)

Second Prize goes to Yuanchen (Ethan) Liu of Brooklyn for his night shot of the Manhattan skyline, which Bob called “very moody and evocative” and praised for its “great timing” and “wonderful use of B&W.”

Igor Mitoraj’s sculpture on the main market square in Krakow, Poland. (photo Maciej Gołaszewski)

Maciej Gołaszewski of Poland earned an honorable mention for his “very atmospheric” shot of Krakow, an image that, Krist says, “proves you can make great photos in bad weather.”

Street vendor in Rajasthan, India (photo Lana Neal)

Lana Neal received an honorable mention for her vivid portrait of a street vendor in Rajasthan, India. Bob Krist called this a “well-executed, classic environmental street portrait.”

Counting money in a church gift shop in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico (photo Patricia Gajo)

And finally, Patricia Gajo, a Montreal-based freelance writer and editor, won an honorable mention for what Bob describes as a “quiet but evocative environmental portrait” and praises for its “great job of seeing and framing.”

Hearty congratulations to all our winners and many thanks to everyone who submitted their city shots. Happy travels — and keep shooting!

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  1. Donna Bandal
    April 30, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    These photos are all so wonderful. What great perspectives, captures, emotions, and settings. Thank you so much for sharing. Donna Bandal

  2. May 11, 2010 at 3:24 am

    Nice pictures of citylife!

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