Atlantic City: This Sub’s a Sinker

The line at the White House; photos by Beth D’Addono

Editor’s note: This is the first in an occasional series of guests posts from Unchained Travel, Beth D’Addono’s global guide to locally owned places to eat, drink, play and sleep.

Locals have long debated what makes the sandwiches so special at White House in Atlantic City, N.J.

Maybe it’s the bread, fresh Italian loaves straight out of the oven from Formica Bros. Bakery across the street.

Or maybe it’s the over-sized fillings of deli meats and cheeses.

Whatever it is, White House has been a lines-out-the-door operation since 1946.

Supposedly even Ol’ Blue Eyes had sandwiches delivered to him when he came to town.  The White House owners are definitely fans of the Chairman of the Board –– don’t miss the wall of fame shrine that includes photos and even a framed towel used by Francis Albert himself at his last AC appearance. Awesome relic.

Naturally, the subs are HUGE –– two-handers –– so depending on your hunger, a half ($7 for a turkey sub) will do you. Or go for the gusto, and spring for the $12.60 White House Special, jam-packed with Italian meats and cheeses and dressed with hot peppers, lettuce tomato and onions.

With more than 20 million subs sold, they’re doing something right.

Vibe: No frills is giving this place too much credit. But it works.

The Crowd: A real mixed bag, from business types to teens, tourists –– the line is always interesting. But don’t wait on it if you’re taking out, elbow through and head to the back to order.

Best Bets: The tuna with provolone is my favorite.

And for Dessert: If you can possibly save room, go across the street to Formica where the cannoli are piped to order and the filling is thick, sweet ricotta spiked with chocolate chips.