Heidelberg: Higher Education

Best known as home to Germany’s oldest university, founded in 1386, Heidelberg has many other historic attractions. Chief among them is its Castle, perched on a hillside and overlooking the Neckar River Valley. A partially destroyed medieval fortress, it’s touted as Germany’s largest, most picturesque ruin. Open for tours and accessible by a modern funicular […]

Scottsdale: Desert Spa Sensations

  Scottsdale offers more than 50 resort and day spas, but its Sonoran Desert setting has been thought of as an oasis of well-being ever since Native American tribes began using the desert clay and botanicals for therapeutic and restorative powers. Desert themes run strong throughout all of the city’s attractions – from art and […]

Montreal: By Bicyclette

“I live on the island,” my tour guide says to me.  Seeing skyscrapers all around, I think my mind was playing tricks, but indeed, from the local perspective,  ‘the island’ is how les citoyens de Montreal identify with the boot-shaped city of 1.5 million, surrounded by the waters of the St. Lawrence and the lesser ‘back’ […]