Author: Arnold Berke

Toronto Getaway: Muskoka

Norman Bethune House by Arnold Berke

On a visit to this Victorian escape by the lake, writer Arnold Berke digs into maritime history — but not too strenuously.

Washington, D.C.: Tracking the Past

Cities abound in leftover bits and pieces, hinting at or telling who once lived, ran a shop, socialized, or worshipped in a building. Careful observers can spot them . . . .

Taipei: Of Cabbages and Qings

Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, can be as intense as any of the big cities across the water in mainland China.  But it also presents an opportunity to view Chinese culture through a different lens, with one stop, the National Palace Museum, offering one…

San Antonio: Wonderful Watercourse

photo by Eleanor Hendricks McDaniel

San Antonio is world-famous for its River Walk, the linear park that snakes through the center of town, one story below street level. Enhanced greatly over the years, this Paseo del Rio become a crowd-pleaser that, instead of fading away…

Detroit: A Wealth of Surprising Interiors

guardian arch

As a boy in Ohio, I would listen to the radio series Adventures in Good Music, hosted by the mellifluous musicologist Karl Haas. As the announcer proclaimed, “from the Fisher Building,” I’d wonder about this mysterious place. At last I’ve seen the reality. . .