Author: Becca Hensley

Santa Fe: Nights at the Opera

A summer rite of passage for opera fans, the Santa Fe Opera conjures magic. Known for jaw-dropping interpretations of classical repertoire . . .

Montreal: Poutines Are Just the Beginning

Montreal may sound like Paris, but it tastes like poutines. A mess of french fries, gravy and cheese curds, this signature dish captures the engaging and independent culinary personality of French-speaking Canada’s largest city. Originally inhabited by Native Americans, later…

Birmingham: Defined by Civil Rights

Almost 50 years ago, tragic events in Birmingham, Alabama served to heighten the Civil Rights movement. Today, the city pays tribute — and offers both solace and exhilaration for the discerning traveler.

Helsinki: Icy Innovations

Brrrr…. it’s the sound of design innovation all over Helsinki, the Finnish capital. Bundle up and join Becca Hensley for a tour.