Author: Ron Bernthal

Dublin: The Architecture of the New

Lately, Dublin’s star attraction has been the collection of structures and streetscapes that form the Docklands district, a shining example of a futuristic-looking, inner city development.

Greenville: Rebirth of a Southern Belle

In upstate South Carolina, Greenville is grabbing headlines. Recently named by the Financial Times as the “Best Micro City in America,” and ranked 4th by Fortune Magazine on its “Best Places to Retire” list, its long-term efforts are finally paying off.

Lisbon: Artful Subways

The big red “M” signs scattered throughout Lisbon’s riverside business district and its hilly residential suburbs signify the location of a city Metro station, but they may as well stand for “Museum.”

Vancouver: Revisiting an Old Love

As our thoughts turn to Valentine’s Day — and the Olympics — one writer remembers finding love in Vancouver. Two decades later, the city still enchants.