Category: Art

Ann Arbor: Always Artful

Home to the University of Michigan, this city of 114,000 residents offers an abundance of high caliber museums and galleries.

Rome: City of Obelisks

The City Traveler invited guest bloggers Jennifer and David Raezer to highlight one of Rome’s unique cultural elements: ancient Egyptian obelisks. David and Jennifer are the creators of Approach Guides, cultural travel guidebooks that offer a new approach to understanding…

Tucson: A Gallery in the Sun

Art galleries abound in Tucson but one, a bit off the beaten path, embodies the native spirit of this city like no other. Celebrating its centennial this year, the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun is a must-see, not just for the art but for the place itself: a series of adobe structures built by the hands and imagination of one eccentric, very spiritual artist.