Category: Neighborhoods

Washington, D.C.: Tracking the Past

Cities abound in leftover bits and pieces, hinting at or telling who once lived, ran a shop, socialized, or worshipped in a building. Careful observers can spot them . . . .

New York City: Cast in Iron

New York offers the greatest collection of cast iron architecture in the world. Approach Guides presents a primer to this distinct building material and the style it fostered.

Dublin: The Architecture of the New

Lately, Dublin’s star attraction has been the collection of structures and streetscapes that form the Docklands district, a shining example of a futuristic-looking, inner city development.

Birmingham: Defined by Civil Rights

Almost 50 years ago, tragic events in Birmingham, Alabama served to heighten the Civil Rights movement. Today, the city pays tribute β€” and offers both solace and exhilaration for the discerning traveler.