Category: Neighborhoods

Berlin: Prancing Around Prenz.

“Poor but sexy” Berlin is still ragged around the edges. One neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg, expertly blends the rough with the chic and may very well represent a distinct brand for the still-emerging capital.

Boston: Digging the Past — and the Present

The City Traveler recently invited Paul Bennett, founder and director of Context Travel — a network of architects, historians, and other experts who lead in-depth walking tours in 12 different cities — to introduce readers to its new look at…

Portland: Division/Clinton Neighborhood Keeps Its Edge

Take a wander through the Division/Clinton neighborhood southeast of Portland, Ore., and it’s clear that the other side of the tracks has come up in the world. Long a gritty collection of rambling cottages and light industry, the area was…

Cardiff: Revival by the Bay

Cardiff’s waterfront — once a thriving industrial force, then a seedy docklands — is alive once again with marine attractions, kids’ delights, and plenty of sophisticated pleasures.