Category: Neighborhoods

Lima: Villa El Salvador's Micro-Economic Success

A picturesque patchwork of despair and optimism, this Lima, Peru neighborhood might not be on everyone’s itinerary, but it’s guaranteed to be a treasured highlight of any trip that does include a visit.

Quebec City: Funky St. Roch

Black-clad teenagers cruise down St. Joseph-Est in the St. Roch neighborhood of Quebec City, heading for the DJs and late-night punkers of Le Cercle, one of the city’s premier jazz clubs. A few blocks away, a gorgeous, fashionable crowd flirts…

Luxembourg: Cafe Central at the Grund

The scene greeting us at a certain Cafe des Artistes could have been in Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam or any number of European hot spots. In the dark, smoky room, a chanteuse, young and lovely, yet already world weary, sat perched on a high stool by a piano. With the requisite lit cigarette. . . .

San Francisco: The Multi-Faceted Presidio

In San Francisco, an old army base offers unparalleled views, nature walks, a military cemetery, a municipal golf course, and even a “clothing-optional” beach. A new museum, dedicated to — of all things — the life and work of Walt Disney draws renewed attention to this most unusual national park.