Category: Hotels

St. Louis: Good Moon Rising

Over the decades, developer Joe Edwards has opened an eclectic mix of bars and entertainment venues in the St. Louis neighborhood known as The Loop. Smelling the promise inherent in these funky blocks abutting Washington University, vintage boutiques and art…

Zurich: The Dolder, A Grand Re-Opening

If you can catch an off-season ‘deal’, get someone else to pick up the tab, or have come into a tidy sum, this Swiss grande dame is worth the investment. You’re not likely to find a more stunning urban hotel anywhere in the world.

Kyoto: Hotel Screen, Peeling the Layers

In Kyoto, 13 designers try their hand at solving the city’s special koan. At Hotel Screen — its very name is redolent of both the iconic Japanese room divider and the latticework architecture of Kyoto’s storefronts — design is used to subtly transmit mood and ideas.

Venice: Molino Stucky, Europe's Largest Restoration

On Giudecca, just across the way from the main Venetian archipelago, the distinctive red brick complex has been a city landmark for years. A four-year, 200 million-Euro restoration has carefully incorporated its original factory architecture with all the mod-cons of contemporary hostelry, including those, like a rooftop pool, that are new to Venice.