Category: Food

Ribeirão: Best Alehouse in Brazil, Full Chopp

In a good month, the 74-year-old Pinguim alehouse dispenses 25,000 gallons of beer to locals and Brazilian celebrities alike. Nearly a million visitors visit each year to taste its legendary brews.

Beijing: Noodling Around

It takes fifty noodles to fill a bowl for one person.  No wonder Chef Zhang’s arms look like they could move mountains — he does this all day.  We watch as he lifts his chunky, handle-less knife high into the…

New York: Fast Track to Good Food

Skip the dreary fast food at Penn Station for one of these nearby only-in-New York establishments, and you’ll still have plenty of time to catch your train.

Old San Juan: Drink, Dine Island-Style

Along narrow cobblestone streets, and tucked inside brightly-colored buildings,  Old San Juan’s most interesting restaurants add to this Caribbean capital’s lively flavor. Here are some favorites from a recent visit. Dragonfly, located at the head of Calle Fortaleza in the…

Philadelphia: Chestnut Hill Takes The Cake

I tell people I moved to Chestnut Hill — a leafy neighborhood about 10 miles northwest of downtown Philadelphia– to be near the bike trails of the Wissahickon Woods. Read my hips. I was really more interested in the trail of powdered sugar leading to the few remaining private bakeries in town