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San Diego: 10 Insider Favorites

San Diego is an easy city to like: The weather borders on idyllic, the landscape is near-tropical in its lushness and the hills and canyons beckon to be explored. I never tire of visiting this delightful town, especially now that…

Indianapolis: Start Your Engines

The Indy 500, which will be held this year on May 30, isn’t just another spin around the race track — it’s a complete experience. “People don’t just come for the race,” says Donald Davidson, the world’s only full-time race…

St. Louis: Meet Me at the Arch

The luminous Gateway Arch stands as St. Louis’ greatest architectural and sculptural feat –- and remains a symbol of the city’s historic role as a link between east and west.

Lisbon: Artful Subways

The big red “M” signs scattered throughout Lisbon’s riverside business district and its hilly residential suburbs signify the location of a city Metro station, but they may as well stand for “Museum.”

Santiago de Compostela: The Pilgrim's Way

On any other trip, a dusty duo of twentysomething men hiking along the edge of a remote highway in Spain would hardly have caught my eye. But this is the third day of my trip from Barcelona to the sacred…

Mikulov: Burcak by the Bottle

It’s grape harvest time in central Europe and that means wine festivals and sticky-sweet new wines like burcak. Never heard of it? Head to the Czech village of Mikulov and you’ll find plenty of this pumpkin-colored elixir, along with costumed locals and tipsy tourists reveling in the streets during the 40-year-old Pálava Vine Harvest Festival.

Paris: Allez-vous Aux Puces?

In France, September brings “la rentree,” a time to put away childish summer things. For flea market aficionados, who will always have Paris, cooler weather means mastering the “puces”: indulging in a feast for the eyes, while maintaining a sharp nose for bargains, and a jaundiced ear for tall tales.

Zurich: Macarons, Swiss-style

There they were, mounded into a perfect pyramid of delicate symmetry. They looked like French macarons, and they were being distributed at Art Basel. A rosy pink inside and out, they were more lovely, more moving, more — impactful!– than just about anything else I’d seen