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Slideshow: Venice, Dawn to Dusk

[mbs slideshow =1] Venice’s magic never ceases… it just modulates, gently, from hour to hour. Just before dawn, the city is tinged with blue and the promise of another beautiful day. By early morning, the gondolieri gather and the tourists…

Review: Taschen's London

Whether you feast your eyes before you leave or indulge in reminiscences after you come back, this isn’t so much a guidebook as the ultimate bedside companion for the armchair traveler. Go ahead — lie back and think of England.

Review: Paris Secrets

Lovers of the City of Light will lap up the gorgeous photos in Paris Secrets: Architecture, Interiors, Quartiers, Corners — even if the book’s generic copy sets their teeth on edge. Author (and photographer) Janelle McCulloch has an obvious love…