Philadelphia: On Sixth Street, a Walk Through African-American History

Throughout the city that produced Bill Cosby, Patti Labelle, and Will Smith, the African American imprint remains strong and evident. Along a short stretch of Sixth Street, though, a host of relatively low-key, uniquely Philadelphian, black history sites await. The narrative of this short walk isn’t museum-linear, and it contains no whiz-bang “environments”.

No Photo? No Problem.

I know I’m not alone in finding that every time I visit a city, some major landmark is somehow not going to make it onto my collection of greatest hits. Even when I finally got to Minneapolis — I mean, Minneapolis! — I discovered that Claes Oldenburg’s iconic “Spoonbridge and Cherry” was missing a tiny portion of its celebrated self.

News: Wright Synagogue To Open Visitors Center

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s final projects and the only synagogue he ever designed, Beth Sholom will open a new visitors center this fall. Designed by Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, the 1800-square-foot center will make this famous temple more accessible to the legions of architecture buffs who venture each year to Elkins Park, a quiet suburb of Philadelphia.