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Heidelberg: Higher Education

Best known as home to Germany’s oldest university, founded in 1386, Heidelberg has many other historic attractions. Chief among them is its Castle, perched on a hillside and overlooking the Neckar River Valley. A partially destroyed medieval fortress, it’s touted…

Berlin: Prancing Around Prenz.

“Poor but sexy” Berlin is still ragged around the edges. One neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg, expertly blends the rough with the chic and may very well represent a distinct brand for the still-emerging capital.

Berlin: Stylish Stays for Less

These boutique-style hostels in five of the city’s most visitor-friendly neighborhoods offer just the right mix of “cheap” and “chic.”

Hamburg: Scaling the Heights in Blankenese

In Hamburg, to truly ‘arrive’ means an address that either mentions the Elbchaussee, or Blankenese. The Elbchaussee is the road connecting downtown with the neighborhood of Blankenese, but to say ‘road’ is to call Chanel a clothes shop – a slight understatement.

Munich: Modern Traditions

Munich’s beer-soaked party reputation may be well-earned, but the German city also is a place to appreciate the finer things, from luxury rides at the BMW factory to the masterpieces at its world-class museums.